Good News: 5 Yr Old Ghostbuster saves the day!

The city of Sacramento is safe thanks to a five-year-old who became a real life Ghostbuster. London Green got to live out his dream of being part of the team from one of his favorite movies, “Ghostbusters” thanks to Make-A-Wish of Northeastern California and Northern Nevada.

London was born with a congenital heart defect and has endured four open heart surgeries and one of the things that’s kept his spirits up was his love of “Ghostbusters.” So he was pretty excited to dress in full Ghostbusters garb, vanquish three different ghosts around town, ride in a Ghostbusters mobile, and then get a key to the city after all that ghostbusting.

Stuart Green, London’s dad, says the events were a welcome break from his son’s past medical issues, adding “It’s just amazing to see people come together and do something for someone that they don’t even know.” And what does the ghostbuster himself think? London says saving the city was “super cool.”

Source: KCRA

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