GOOD NEWS: Bride Gives Her Wedding Away After Calling Off Engagement

When Kolbie Sanders called off her engagement just weeks before her wedding, the bride-to-be wanted someone to get to use her non-refundable venue and decorations. So the former bride-to-be took to Facebook and announced that she would donate her $3,500 venue to another couple looking to tie the knot, but there was a catch: Sanders only had 24 hours to find the couple and they would have to agree to her wedding date of October 20th.

Through the power of social media, the post was shared and she got many private messages from interested brides and grooms. Eventually, Sanders put all the names in a hat and picked out the lucky winner: Halie Hipsher. This future bride was set to get hitched next year, but winning this meant Halie’s grandfather - who’s fighting stage 4 pancreatic cancer - could be there to see her walk down the aisle.

Sanders wasn’t the bride that day, but she attended Halie’s wedding as a guest so she could see how happy her decision made others. She admits it was emotional, but worth it. “This is why everyone should show acts of kindness to their neighbors, friends, family members, and especially complete strangers,” she wrote in a Facebook post after the nuptials. “Because you can end up changing the outcome of someone’s entire life when you stop caring about the outcome of your own.”

Source: People

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