Good News has gone Bananas!

A cafeteria manager at an elementary school in Virginia Beach knows how to make the students feel encouraged. Stacey Truman has worked Kingston Elementary School for nine years, and she recently started writing motivational messages on the bananas for kids. 

“I do it for my kids at home, so why not bring it here and do it for them because they are like my kids,“ Stacey told the local news. The “talking bananas” have inspiring messages like, “Never give up” “Be Your Best Self” or “Follow Your Dreams.” 

How does Stacey come up her daily messages? She just writes what comes to mind and “something a kid would want hear or what you would want to hear yourself.” These talking bananas have gone viral since the school’s principal Sharon Shewbridge posted a photo Twitter. “It’s simple, but these words can help them be more courageous and realize that they are good enough. I hope that other schools see it’s an easy way to get a kind message to kids.”


And, I don't know why, but the "Banana Song" below made me laugh for days....

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