GOOD NEWS: Officer Saves Infant While Working Overtime

It was the end of his shift on Halloween night, but officer Dustin Johnson of the Tukwila Police Department in Washington worked late to respond to a 911 call. When he arrived at the scene, six-month-old Lamaiyla [[La-MAY-la]] was laying on the floor and she was struggling to breathe.

Johnson realized the urgency of the situation and immediately began performing CPR on the infant. Her mother told him Lamaiyla had been to the doctor earlier and was diagnosed with flu-like symptoms and the baby had a fever of 104.5-degrees. Johnson saw that her tongue was swollen and blocking her airway, swept her mouth and gave her rescue breaths until she responded, reaching up to grab his finger.

The baby was taken to the hospital and is recovering, her mom is even sending her hero photos and videos of her progress and they plan to keep in touch. “I’m grateful that I was put in the time and the place and have the experience and the knowledge to keep her around,” Johnson says.

Source: ABC Action News

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