GOOD NEWS: Donations Pour In For Homeless Man Who Stopped Knife Attac

A fundraising campaign has brought in over $100,000 for a homeless man in Australia who tried to stop an attacker who had a knife and was on a rampage in Melbourne. On November 9th, Michael Rogers risked his own life to stop the dangerous man by shoving a shopping cart at him. The attacker was shot by police and later died in the hospital.

The suspect had already killed a cafe owner and hurt two other people when Rogers stepped up to help. He was captured on video trying to help police officers who the attacker was trying to stab and the footage has gone viral. His bravery is even more impressive because he was right near a vehicle that the attacker had set on fire.

People are calling Rogers a hero and donations have been pouring in to the GoFundMe campaign set up on his behalf. “He risked his own life that day for nothing in return and you can’t put a price on that,” the campaign explains. Now Donna Stolzenberg, founder of the charity Melbourne Homeless Collective, is going to help Rogers use the money to get back on his feet. Her group will help him find housing, as well as to get some psychological support to process the violent acts he witnessed.

Source: BBC

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