GOOD NEWS: Twitter Helps Woman Find Best Friend From Vacation 12 Years Ago

When a woman wanted to reunite with a girl she met on vacation 12 years ago, where else would she go but social media? Brianna Cry tweeted her request to find the buddy she met on a dinner cruise in Hawaii back in 2006, explaining they were best friends for the night and she wanted to see how she was doing. She asked fellow Twitter users to retweet so they could be reunited, and they didn’t let her down.

Without a name for her 24-hour best friend and 12 long years since they’d seen each other, it took less than 12 hours for the Twitterverse to find the other girl in the photo. It turns out, she’s an artist in California named Heidi. Thanks to more than 100-thousand retweets, Heidi responded with a tweet reading “Heard you were looking for me,” and a selfie with her holding a photo of her family that appears to be from the same cruise.

Briana was quick to tweet back, “OMG, my heart is so happy!” And pretty much everyone else who read their story was happy, too, with some saying they were “crying,” others announcing “Twitter is literally amazing!,” and one declaring “I love the Internet.”

Many of their new followers wanted to know when Brianna and Heidi could meet up in person, but with the young women going to school on opposite sides of the country, it’s not happening just yet. But they are talking via private messages, so don’t give up hope yet.

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