Carrie Underwood helps Mom with Leukemia

Christmas came early for Susie Rabaca, the mom of three who’s pregnant with twins and fighting leukemia and made a desperate plea to find a bone marrow donor. She’s finally found her perfect match after her story made headlines recently.

Rabaca started feeling sick a few months into her pregnancy and was diagnosed with the aggressive cancer and would need a bone marrow transplant to survive. And despite 30 million people registered worldwide as donors, not a single one was a 100% match. Even her own sister was only a 50% match and doctors say that’s not good enough.

So Rabaca tried everything she could to find that person with just the right genetic makeup, even turning to social media in hopes someone would be able to help. Country star Carrie Underwood even retweeted her story and helped spread the word, leading to 50,000 people signing up on “Be the Match” registry in the last week to try to help.

And now Rabaca has a donor and after more testing, she hopes to undergo the transplant after her twins are born. She says “it’s beyond amazing,” and “the best Christmas gift.”

Source: People

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