GOOD NEWS: Good Samaritan Gives First-Class Seat To Mom & Baby

A mom from Florida was on her way to Philadelphia with her 11-month-old daughter when a stranger’s act of kindness really helped them out. Kelsey Rae Zwick and her baby Lucy were flying from Orlando to get Lucy’s treatment for chronic lung disease at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and a stranger in first class offered to change seats with them to give them more room.

The flight attendant asked Zwick if she wanted to move and it took her a minute to figure out what was happening. She travels with a large oxygen tank for Lucy and having that extra room and all the amenities made their flight so much better. The grateful mom tried to catch the good samaritan to say thank you, but she missed him. But she did share the story on Facebook and finally got in touch with her considerate stranger that way.

The man told her it was his birthday and thanked Zwick for giving him a birthday to remember, as she thanked him for giving up his first class seat for her and baby Lucy. “There’s always good people in the world,” Zwick reminds us.

Source: Yahoo

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