Secret Santa hands out $100 Bills

For 26 years, a secret Santa blessed strangers with $100 bills in Kansas City, Missouri every December. No one knew who the man behind the money was for many years, until Larry Stewart, the millionaire philanthropist, revealed his identity in 2006 when he was diagnosed with cancer.

Stewart passed away in 2007, but he recruited more secret Santas to carry on his good deeds and it seems one of them was back at it recently. Regina Manning was the lucky recipient of some cash when a stranger walked up and handed her a $100 before taking off. Her friend DeAnna Arnold was also fortunate enough to get a $100 from the generous stranger before he was gone.

The women have no idea who did it or why, but the extra cash really comes in handy before the holidays. They’re both very thankful for the generosity and want their secret Santa to know how much the money is appreciated. “One hundred dollars may not be much to some people,” Arnold says, “but it’s everything to me and it’s going a long way.”

Source: KCTV

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