GOOD NEWS: NBA Player Carries Neighbor’s Baby Down 49 Flights During Evac

The Charlotte Hornets didn’t have a game on Thursday, but Frank Kaminsky, who plays for the basketball team, was busy saving the day. His high-rise apartment building in Charlotte, North Carolina was being evacuated because of bomb threats, but he lent a hand to his neighbor by carrying her baby all the way down all those flights of stairs.

The player says he’s lived in the building for four years and on his way down he ran into a mom he knows who was holding her baby and had her hands full, so he helped her out. "I had to walk down 49 stories because they shut off the elevators," Kaminsky explains. “About three floors down, there was a lady with a baby and a dog and a couple of other things, so I just helped her carry the baby.”

But the good samaritan says he waited for the building to turn the elevator service back on before heading back up again. “I’m not walking back up 49 floors,” Kaminsky says. “That’s just not a thing that’s going to happen.”

Source: The Charlotte Observer

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