GOOD NEWS: Secret Santa Gets Help Passing Out $100 Bills From Homeless Man

Lots of people walk right past the homeless, but folks in Phoenix who rushed by Moses Elder recently may have lost out on $100. Moses was on a mission funded by Secret Santa, the anonymous businessman who crosses the country during the holidays, passing out $100 bulls to strangers at random.

But this year, in addition to his regular cash handouts, he decided to give someone the chance to experience the joy of giving. Secret Santa gave Moses about $3,000 and told him to give it away to anyone he wanted to. Some folks who stopped to talk to him on the streets walked away $100 richer, just for stopping to talk. Father of seven, Danny McCoy put change in Moses’s cup, even though he wasn’t sure how he was going to pay for Christmas presents for his family, so he was rewarded with $100, too. Moses gave one man from church $400 and a homeless mom of five got $500.

Secret Santa thought the experience of getting to give would be a good one for Moses and it was. And in the end, Secret Santa also gave Moses some money to keep for himself, but he says that reward is nothing compared to the joy he got from helping others.

“Today we changed a lot of people’s lives,” he says. “But I believe my life was changed the most.”

Source: CBS News

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