Dog survives 17 days in freezing temps!

When a Saint Bernard ran away from her foster home in Minnesota recently, no one was sure how long she could survive in the frigid winter weather. When the 10-year-old dog named Old Lady escaped from her Zimmerman home, flyers were posted and search parties were formed, but there was no sign of her.

Azure Davis, director of Ruff Start Rescue where Old Lady came from, says so much time had passed, she wasn’t sure the dog could still be alive. But then, after 17 long, freezing days, a grandfather and his grandsons spotted Old Lady in the woods alive.

Davis says Old Lady’s leash had gotten tangled in the woods, so she couldn’t get free, but somehow she managed to survive in the frosty temperatures. Rescuers say she’s frostbitten and malnourished, but her vital signs are strong and she’s recovering from her snowy adventure.

Source: WNDU

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