Fluffy was FROZEN!!

A cat in Montana may have given up one of her nine lives, but after being found frozen in a snow bank, she’s made a miraculous recovery. When Fluffy’s owners found her buried in snow in Kalispell, she was unresponsive and the temperature in the area was a bone-chilling eight-degrees. Her fur was matted with ice and she was hardly recognizable as a cat under it all.

But they rushed Fluffy to Dr. Jevon Clark at Animal Clinic of Kalispell and he says when she arrived, her temperature was so low it didn’t even register on a thermometer - which has a bottom range of 90-degrees. Dr. Clark says a cat’s temperature is usually around 101-degrees, so she was extremely cold. But after several hours using warm water and blankets to thaw her out, she finally started showing signs of recovery.

The animal hospital shared the good news that Fluffy is back home with her owners now and seems to be unfazed by her frozen adventure. "Fluffy is amazing!" the hospital shared on Facebook . And she won’t be getting out like that again because Fluffy is now an indoor cat.

Source: ABC Action News

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