Teacher helps bullied 5 year old

All kinds of teachers do what they can to prevent bullying, but a kindergarten teacher in Texas chopped off her hair when one of her young students was bullied for sporting a short ‘do.Shannon Grimm, who teaches at Meador Elementary School in Willis, decided to go short after five-year-old Priscilla Perez was teased for her short style and classmates told her she looked like a boy.

Grimm had noticed that Perez seemed depressed, so even though her friends tried to talk her out of cropping her locks, telling her there were other ways to teach life lessons, she went under the scissors. When she returned to the classroom, her students were surprised she didn’t have her long hair anymore and she says Priscilla’s confidence shot up.

“I don’t want my students to worry about the way they look, because they’re there to make friends and learn,” Grimm explains. “Giving them the confidence to get excited about going to school — knowing that they have a teacher that supports them and loves them — is something that I want to do.”

Source:New York Post

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