Ax Throwing YIKES!

Not everything you read about is a great idea. For instance, when a Colorado woman heard about a local ax throwing club, she went to check things out. It almost ended tragically. 

The woman,Ainsley, went to a nearby "Bad Axe" Throwing club and just dodged a beheading after she tossed her ax toward a wooden target, only to have it ricochet off the wall and nearly impale her forehead. It appears that throwing axes is now a real party trend.

Luckily, Ainsley's friend was there filming the whole thing on Instagram and other professional ax throwers seem to have found a bunch wrong with what they saw. Apparently, not enough safety precautions were in place at this club and she should have had at least a safety and training tutorial where the proper techniques are demonstrated. And nobody should be allowed to throw an ax without supervision and that wasn't the case with Ainsely. 

Source: New York Post

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