Johnny Cash and Sheryl Crow have a new duet

Sheryl Crowjustreleased a very special duet. The track is a new version of her 1996 song “Redemption Day,” which has been turned into a duet with the lateJohnny Cash.

“The song has found its moment, and this is that moment,” Sheryl shared at a special premiere of the song, held at Cash Cabin Studio. “The first time I heard him sing it, I wept. Having his weight on it….means so much. To hear him singing, ‘There is a train that’s headed straight for Heaven’s gate,’ he’s the man to have singing that.”

“Redemption Day” first appeared on Sheryl’s 1996 self-titled album, and was later covered by the Man in Black, who recorded it before his 2003 death, and it was featured on his posthumous release, “American IV: Ain’t No Grave.”

“If he took a song on, he believed in his connection to that music – that’s how the humanity comes through,”John Carter Cashadded, “This song opens the heart to the state of our world right now. I know my father would be proud for Sheryl to make this statement…I’m honored to be part of history.”Check out the video to the right.

Source:Music Row

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