Cupcakes for a Cause:)

The first time Michael C. Platt baked, he helped his grandmother bake a cake for a family dinner when he was nine, and he was hooked. When he was 11, he started a bakery that donates a cupcake, cake, or cookie to the homeless and hungry for every one he sells. Now 13, he heads out twice a month to homeless shelters, transitional housing, and McPherson Square in Washington, D.C. to give out goodies.

The teen from Bowie, Maryland calls his bakery Michaels Desserts, but he leaves out the apostrophe on purpose, as a reminder he’s baking for others, not himself. His parents chipped in to help him get started, but now his home-based bakery funds itself and he sells about 75 cupcakes a month, as well as a dozen cookies, and a dozen “chef’s choice” items - which means he’s giving away more than 100 treats a month, too.

“I always wanted to have a purpose for what I do,” Michael says. “It’s all about helping people.’”

Source:The Washington Post

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