EMTs finish man's yard work

A trio of EMTs went above and beyond to help an elderly man in Rochester, Washington.Harold Storlee, 88, was mowing his lawn when he fell and broke his hip. He couldn’t get up for four hours, but a group of middle school boys finally walked past and heard his cries for help, so they flagged down a car to call 911.

That’s when three emergency responders with the West Thurston Regional Fire Authority arrived and took Storlee to the hospital. Later firefighter EMTAlexander Trautmanasked his colleagues if they’d like to go back and finish the man’s yard work, andMiranda PanuskaandGarrett Bromleyagreed. They spent about an hour mowing, sweeping, and tidying up.

“We knew he’d be down for a while,” Trautman said. “We figured the least we could do was go back and help out.”