94 Year Old street vendor gets some help

An act of kindness by a stranger brought a 94-year-old tamale vendor in California to tears.Jose Villa Ochoa, who goes by “Don Joel,” was overwhelmed by the generosity shown to him by 28-year-old Kenia Barragan,who took time out to listen to Ochoa's story. He told her no one would hire him because of his age, so he has to work selling tamales in Santa Ana.

Barragan says after talking to Don Joel, she felt badly for him having to work so hard and barely making ends meet. He told her how he can’t afford a phone or his medication, so she wanted to do something to help him. In anInstagram post, she asked for help raising money for Don Joel and people were happy to donate. Barragan raised over $84-thousand for him in a week and she bought him a new wheelchair, too.

Don Joel says the gifts are “life-changing.”

Source:Fox 7 Austin

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