Father and Son team up to do good

Every weekday from 8 to 11am,Keith Branchand his 15-year-old son,Keith, are on the streets in their community passing out meals. The father works withKids Bring Life, a nonprofit that normally feeds children facing food insecurity, but since the pandemic hit, they’re feeding kids of all ages.

The Branches hand out 50 meals a day, five days a week to anyone in need. They’re part of the nonprofit’s team of 40 locations around Dallas andJanell Hicks,operations manager for Kids Bring Life says they’re giving away between 2-and 3-thousand meals every day.

There is a lot of need right now, but this father and son team see it as an opportunity to help others with human kindness and love. “You never know who you’re going to touch,” Branch says. “And if you just believe that God put you out here for a purpose, you’re going to inspire somebody.”

Source:CBS News

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