Girls support their sick Mom

When their mom lost her hair during her battle with breast cancer, two of her daughters shaved their heads in solidarity.Joanna McPhersonsays she tried to discourage her kids from doing it, telling them that their heads may get cold and that other kids may make fun of them, but they were determined.

Her daughters, 10-year-oldKaylaand seven-year-oldSophia, told their mom, “If people are going to do that to you, then we don’t want you to go through it alone.”

McPherson, an Air Force Colonel, shaved her head after her hair started to fall out during chemo and just a few weeks later, the girls asked if they could do it too to support her. She says, “They have such big hearts and I just thought it was very sweet of them to make such a grand gesture of love.”

Source:Good Morning America

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