GOOD NEWS: Uncle Donates Liver To Nephew, Saving Both Their Lives

Expanding her medical knowledge further through some online research
  • When his one-year-old nephew needed a liver transplant,Grantwas ready to become his donor.
  • The toddler was in acute liver failure and the organ donation saved his life, but the uncle says it saved his life as well.
  • Grant had been severely depressed and considered suicide, but being able to help his nephew gave him purpose and he credits that with turning things around in his life.

Matt and Andrea Campbell were terrified when their one-year-old son, Brooks, was diagnosed with acute liver failure in 2019. The Ohio couple’s hearts sank after finding out Matt wasn’t an eligible donor for him and Andrea couldn’t do it because she was pregnant, but her brother, Grant, stepped up and volunteered to be the donor for his nephew. That organ transplant not only saved Brooks’ life, it saved his uncle’s, too.

Grant says he had a gut feeling like he needed to come to the hospital when Brooks got sick, so he was right there to get tested and become his donor. He says it happened at a turbulent time in his life, after he moved away from his family to Texas, ended a relationship and had a new business fail. He was feeling worthless and depressed and was even having suicidal thoughts.

The uncle says he was struggling to find his purpose in life and after becoming Brooks’ organ donor, he felt like he’d found it. “I say all the time he saved my life,” Grant says of his nephew. They had a successful transplant on November 13th, 2019 and now Brooks is doing well and he and “Uncle G” have matching scars and they’re bonded for life.


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