A little company protects elderly

California man has started a community protection project to help elderly Asian Americans feel safe.Jacob Azevedowas moved to action after watching videos of several attacks on senior Asian Americans in the San Francisco Bay area recently. He took to social media to offer to walk with anyone in Oakland’s Chinatown neighborhood to help them feel safe.

"I wasn't intending to be some kind of vigilante," Azevedo explains. "I just wanted to offer people some kind of comfort."

And his idea resonated with others in the community. Within days, he had close to 300 volunteers who wanted to help him and their efforts have now grown into a project calledCompassion in Oakland. Azevedo, who is of Hispanic descent, says this is a time for all minority groups to support the Aisan American community. He says people from all racial backgrounds and ages are reaching out to help and he hopes their organization can work with law enforcement in the future to protect the community.


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