Kane Brown Shares His Surprising, Adorable First Kiss Story

Kane Brown might just have one of the most surprising first kiss stories.

The 27-year-old country singer spilled the details of his very first kiss during a recent interview on Theo Von's This Past Weekend podcast, who asked the musician, “Do you remember your first kiss when you were growing up?” Brown’s answer was pretty fascinating: “My first kiss… I was in a trailer park and I was like 7 years old and she was like 13."

When asked how he met the girl, the “What Ifs” crooner explained, “She was a neighbor, my Nana was the owner of a trailer park.”

“Dang! That’s crazy, bro,” added Von, though Brown had a very chill impression of that lucky memory. “Mine was like everybody’s first kiss, it was like I left, I didn’t stay and I don’t even think I talked to her again after that. It was like okay, that was cool,” said the “Used to Love You Sober” star.

These days, Brown is sharing most of his kisses with two very important ladies in his life: his wife, singer Katelyn Jae, and their 1-year-old daughter, Kingsley Rose.

In September 2020, Brown spoke with Chicago's BIG 95.5's Brooke Taylor about how much of a “blessing” it’s been for him to bond with his family during the pandemic.

Without the quarantine orders, Brown said "I wouldn't have had this chance to hang out with [Kingsley] all the time and see her grow and everything. She's already got six teeth coming in so it's a lot of stuff I would have missed."

(Skip to the 25:12 mark, below, to hear Kane Brown's first kiss story.)

Photo: Getty Images

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