He got in shape to donate an organ!

A professor at Cornell University spent five years on the transplant list while waiting for a kidney donor and finally found one in a surprising source.Ron Ehrenbergwas living with end-stage renal disease and was on dialysis to give him more time with his family, but the 75-year-old admits he was ready to give up on getting the new kidney he desperately needed.

And then he got a call from a nurse that a live donor had come forward. The donor wanted to remain anonymous, but Ron begged the hospital to tell the donor he wanted to know who they were. That’s when he got a message from his co-worker of seven years,Adam Seth Litwin,an associate professor at Cornell.

Adam wanted to donate his kidney to help his colleague, but at first he wasn’t allowed. So he spent two years secretly improving his health in order to do it. He improved his diet, stabilized his blood sugar and lost 25 pounds and then he was approved for the transplant, saving his friend’s life.

“Adam was the real hero,” Ron says. “I am deeply indebted to Adam and I will spend the rest of my life trying to think about how I can repay him.”

Source:Good Morning America

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