Man donates cars

Eliot Middletonsays his hometown of McClellanville, South Carolina, is a place “where everybody looks out for everybody.” He owns and operates a restaurant, Middleton & Maker Village BBQ, and also gives back to his community by fixing up cars in need of repair for free and donating them to people in need.

Thanks to his father, who was a mechanic and had an auto body shop, Middleton learned the valuable skills to repair cars. His dad’s kindness also inspired him to help others. When customers needed work done on their cars and couldn’t afford to pay, his father would let them pay in installments as they were able. “That was probably something he couldn’t afford to do,” Middleton says, “but he did it anyway because of his heart.”

Middleton’s labor of love has grown to help more people and since he formed a nonprofit,Middleton’s Village to Village Foundation, he’s received 800 broken down cars to fix up and give away. “I have the opportunity to have 800 cars to give 800 feelings out,” he says, adding that helping others is “the best feeling in the world.”


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