FB Players get free bikes

For weeks, some football players at Lorain High School in Ohio were walking up to an hour a day to make it to practice. The teens were on their own to get there, sometimes walking miles from across town to be at practice.

When Lorain K-9Officer Kyle Shawverfound out about the transportation situation, he took it toSergeant Jacob Morris, who discovered the police department had some old, abandoned, unclaimed bicycles in evidence. Morris reached out to the Lorain County Community Action Agency’s Bike Shop and they agreed to fix up the bikes to make sure they were in good working order for the students to ride.

And last week, six players were given a bike of their own, so they no longer have to spend hours walking to and from practice. “I’m grateful I am able to get to school on time and will be able to make it to practice and get home safe,” says one of the recipients,Joe Hill-Davis.

Source:News 5 Cleveland

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