Hospice throws a wedding

WhenRoyceandFrankie Kinggot married in 1944, they didn’t have time to plan a big wedding. They were only given two days notice before Royce shipped out to serve in the Air Force overseas in WWII. The couple rushed their wedding and weren’t able to capture any photos of the event. So when Royce, 98, and Frankie, 97, celebrated their 77th anniversary on September 16th, staff at St. Croix Hospice helped them recreate the big day and take the wedding photos they never had.

Staff members from St. Croix arranged everything and the bride and groom got all the pictures a couple would want from their special day. With Frankie decked out in a vintage wedding dress and Royce in his Air Force uniform, they got the classic wedding photo of a ceremonial cake cutting. There’s one of the bride walking down the aisle and another of the happy couple’s “first kiss.”

"It was so hard to keep from crying behind the lens,” says photographer and St. Croix staff memberHilary Michelson. “I got to witness the emotion with this beautiful couple.” AndKacie Derr, a St. Croix Hospice aide who’s with Frankie five days a week, was touched to see her so happy. "The light in her eyes — I wish everyone could have seen it," Derr says. "She told me she felt so beautiful." There’s no word on what the newlyweds plan to do next, but they’ll definitely be together.


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