"Santa" helps widow this holiday

We told you about theSecret Santain East Idaho who gives out money every fall and has pledged to give away $1-million this year. Well earlier this week, the Secret Santa’s helperNate Eaton, a reporter for the East Idaho News, delivered a few gifts to a deserving family in Rexburg, Idaho.

Natalia Pihulevychlost her husbandLeoin a car crash in August of this year. The couple and their two young children moved to East Idaho from Ukraine six years ago so Leo could go to school. He had just graduated and had secured a good paying job in California when the tragic accident occurred. She chose to stay in Rexburg, because the community had become like family to her and her children, 11-year-oldAdamand seven-year-oldMia. Since her husband passed away, Natalia has depended heavily on the generosity of her neighbors in Rexburg. Their only car was totaled in the accident that took her husband and Natalia travels 25 miles to a low-paying sewing job, so she has been using cars loaned to her by friends.

Eaton told Natalia that Secret Santa wanted him to deliver a couple of early Christmas gifts to her and her family. He handed her three small wrapped boxes. In the first was a check for $1-thousand, in the second was a pair of $500 gift cards to Maverik gas stations and another $1-thousand check. And the third box contained keys to a brand new Honda CRV. Natalia was choked up with emotion over the kind gift, but expressed her gratitude as best she could, giving the reporter and his crew hugs. After the crew left, she sent a message to East Idaho News. “Wish I knew who he/she is, but now I must be nice to everyone in case they are Secret Santa.” she says. “Thank you so much. This is a big, big thing.”

Source:East Idaho News

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