Thrifting turns into good news

An Illinois man who found some family photos in a thrift store has reunited them with their owner. Last year,Greg Kozlickwas shopping at a Goodwill thrift store in Downers Grove west of Chicago. While looking for electronics to buy, he found a box full of photo slides with a note that read “Sue’s Wedding.” He knew these were special to someone. "Immediately my first thought was that I wanted to share them with the family, and reunite them with the memories." Kozlick says.

Not having any way to view the slides, Kozlick held on to them until he was able to find a slide projector last week. He projected the slides on his bedroom wall and took pictures of the images with his phone. He then posted those on a few Facebook community groups hoping to locate the owners. In minutes, the pictures had comments from people who recognized the church in the pics and some even tagged family members in the photos. Kozlick had the information he was looking for: the bride’s name wasSue Brose. He recognized the name and realized that it was the grandmother of one of his former high school classmates,Autumn Brose. So he reached out to her and she put him in touch with her grandmother.

On January 6th, Kozlick returned the photos to a surprised and grateful Brose. "My photos from those days are very faded, 52 years later, so it's really special." Brose says. "Now I'm going to be able to print up some fresh ones with better color." Brose has had a couple of challenging months, being in and out of the hospital and she says getting the photos back has been a great start to the new year. "To start fresh with great memories, what better gift!" she says.


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