Fortune Cookie Fortune

A North Carolina man hits a $4-million lottery jackpot using numbers he found in a fortune cookie. Last week, Gabriel Fierro of Cornelius, North Carolina, bought a $4 ticket for the Mega Millions lottery game. He used the numbers that were in a fortune cookie he got when he dined with his wife at a Red Bowl Asian Bistro in Charlotte. "I don't usually play my fortune cookie numbers but I tried them on a whim," Fierro, 60, says.

The retired Army veteran bought his ticket online for $3 and paid an extra dollar for the 4x multiplier to multiply any winnings. He matched all five balls and then his prize quadrupled when he got the 4x multiplier. The $4-million jackpot is the largest ever in the history of online play in North Carolina.

After taxes, Fierro will take home over $2.8-million, which he plans to invest and maybe make one small celebratory purchase. “We are going to buy some champagne on the way home,” Fierro jokes.

  • The odds of getting all five numbers and the multiplier ball in the Mega Millions game are around one in 300-million.

Source: People

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