Instincts save abducted girl

A security officer at an Indiana state park alerted police when he encountered a man with a little girl and felt like something wasn’t right. Brian Foy, a security officer patrolling the Brown County State Park east of Bloomington, came upon a black Cadillac with Nevada plates in the woods last Friday night. He approached the vehicle, and the driver said he needed a campsite and some gas for his car. There was an eight-year-old girl in the backseat who wouldn’t make eye contact with Foy. That and other red flags made Foy suspicious that something wasn’t quite right.

"I looked at my truck temperature, it's 16 degrees outside," Foy said. "I'm really ultimately worried about the little girl in the backseat. It's so cold." So Foy got them some gas and took them to a campsite. But the security officer didn’t stop there; he also called law enforcement for help. According to Brown County prosecutor Ted Adams, it’s a good thing Foy did.

The driver was Daniel Eggers, and Nevada prosecutors had been looking for him for months, claiming he’s been on the run with his non-custodial daughter. "Turns out, Mr. Eggers has pending charges for what in Nevada is called abduction or concealment of a child," explains Adams. Eggers was arrested on the spot and child services was brought in to care for the girl until she can be reunited with her mother. And now the young girl is safe, thanks to Foy’s hunch.

Source: WTHR

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