Teen gets $15K reward

A California teen is rewarded with over $15-thousand for returning a lost purse. Adrian Rodriquez found a purse in a Ralphs grocery store in Chula Vista, California. A driver’s license in the purse indicated it was owned by Eliana Martin and the 17-year-old took the purse to the address on the license.

Martin had since moved, but Rodriquez left the purse with a relative of Martin's former roommate Melina Marquez, who saw the whole interaction through her doorbell camera. She thought the young man’s honesty deserved celebration, so she posted the video to social media and community members heaped on the praise. Martin and Marquez were so impressed with Rodriquez that they started a GoFundMe to raise money to reward him. To date, more than $15-thousand has been donated by over 600 donors.

Rodriquez is surprised that his act of kindness has gotten so much attention and says that his parents are responsible for raising him to be honest. "It feels good. I appreciate it. I really do, everything everybody's doing," he says. "My mom always told me since I was little to always do the right thing when nobody's around."

Source: Sunny Skyz

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