Here's Why Maren Morris Is Sobbing Over Her 'Wicked' Audition

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Maren Morris is sobbing after reaching a major milestone as she aims to achieve one of her “weird dreams.” Morris, an award-winning country powerhouse, tried manifesting her dream role when she sent in her audition tape for Wicked on Broadway. It turns out, following your dreams — even the weirdest ones — pays off sometimes. Morris tweeted on Thursday (August 11):

“I got a callback for Wicked. I am in tears. What the hell.”

The “Circles Around This Town” artist previously shared a snippet of her stunning a cappella performance in test shot for her self-taped audition on TikTok. She belted “The Wizard And I” from the fan-favorite musical, and shared “honestly, even if I don’t get the part, this was so fun ✨” Before that, Morris said on Twitter that she’s “gonna send an audition tape in for Wicked on Broadway. What the hell. Let’s see what happens.” She added, “I’ve hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live, I’ve sung with (Dolly Parton), flown with the (Thunderbirds), hell, I’ve cut bangs… I’m into taking things head on, fail or succeed. Might as well cut the s*** on being coy. Chase your weird dreams down.”

Kristin Chenoweth, who starred in the original production as Glinda (opposite Idina Menzel as Elphaba) offered Morris words of encouragement on Twitter, and Morris said the iconic actress and singer inspired her to give it a shot. Chenoweth gave Morris another shout-out on Twitter to celebrate her callback, and Morris continued to share her excitement in an emotional TikTok on Thursday.

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