Oklahoma Ten Year Old saves his Mom

An Oklahoma boy saves his mother's life, and it wasn’t the first time. Gavin Keeney’s mother Lori Keeney suffers from epilepsy and the ten-year-old has gotten used to helping her with her sometimes daily struggle with the condition. Recently, the fifth grader was playing in his backyard when something caught his attention. “I heard what was a lot of splashing and moving around," he recalls. "I hea+rd kind of yelling, but also drowning... so then I looked and saw her seizing and so I went and jumped in and got her back to the ladder."

The harrowing moment was caught on the family’s security cameras, so Lori was able to see her son come to her rescue. "Truly amazing thing to see, and I don't normally get to see him in action and what he gets to do after I'm having a seizure," she says. "This is the first time I actually got to see it just because of security cameras ... so much pride in him... at the same time, it was heartbreaking to watch."

At an assembly in front of all his peers, Gavin was awarded a Saving a Life plaque by the Kingston Police Department. Police Chief Kasey Cox called Gavin a hero as he presented him with the plaque. And as it turns out, this isn’t even the first time Gavin has been recognized for saving his mom. Last year he received an award for performing the heimlich maneuver on his mom when she was choking. Lori thinks her son might become a first responder, saying “I really hope that maybe this is a future for him.”

Source: KTEN

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