Zach Bryan Hey Driver video

A song Zach Bryan fans have been big on in concert - but up til now has remained unreleased - now has an official acoustic version.

The song "Hey, Driver" - which has been a fan-favorite when Zach's performed it live in concert, and has done on Instagram on occasion, now has a version straight from the artist. Not a full-blown studio version, but one of Zach accompanied by two other musicians, done acoustically in a parking lot. 

There is hope from fans the song gets a proper studio version on Zach's upcoming album, but Zach, who had thirty songs on his debut, has already said the album will be no more than eleven songs ("I'm in my 'Quality over quantity' era"). So, while fans hold out hope, it is likely this will be the only version of the song they get for the foreseeable future. Check out the moving song to the right

Source: WhiskeyRiff

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