Dad of 6 gets new car

For months, Roseville, California, single father of six Isaac Taylor has been riding his bicycle eight miles each way to and from his job as an overnight security guard. Their car was totaled in an accident six months ago, but Taylor’s fortune changed recently when Family Promise of Sacramento nominated him for the NABC Recycled Rides Program.

Last Thursday, Taylor was given the keys to a restored 2019 Hyundai Elantra sedan by Caliber Collision and Travelers Insurance. Travelers paid for the vehicle and Caliber did the restoration work. Taylor was grateful for the gift, but did admit to feeling a bit guilty. "How could I feel like I deserve it? Knowing that there's people that go through worse situations,” the single dad asks, “I mean, how did I become so fortunate?"

Taylor’s youngest daughter was with him when he picked up his new ride and he remarked how surprised his other children would be when they saw him pull up in the car. He says he’s living his best life right now and hoping he’ll one day be able to pay the kindness forward to someone else in need.

Source: WTSP

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