150-Pound Dog named Hero of the Year

American Humane has announced its 2023 Hero Dog Award recipient, and the honor goes to Maverick, a 150-pound European Blue Great Dane therapy dog. He was recognized for his incredible ability to comfort and support people, and according to his owner, Kelly Brownfield, Maverick's "superpower" is his calming touch, helping people find the strength to move forward.

Currently, Maverick works with the United Service Organizations (USO) to support American troops and their families at the Fort Leonard Wood post in Missouri, escorting children to military funerals and helping people cope with trauma. His journey has been marked by resilience as he battled and survived cancer in his leg in 2022.

Brownfield says that Maverick's strength comes from the people he helps, as they leave a piece of themselves with him. Along with the other Hero Dog Awards finalist, he’ll be celebrated at the 13th annual American Humane Hero Dog Awards in Palm Beach, Florida, on November 10th.

Source: NY POST

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