Oklahoma family reunited

An Oklahoma man recently got to meet his daughter for the first time, 27 years after he gave her up for adoption. Cory Lyons of Sentinel, Oklahoma, says his son wanted to learn about their family’s heritage, so he took a 23andMe DNA test and soon learned that he had a strong familial match with Kurstyn Adams. Lyons’ son reached out to her and just before Christmas the father and daughter reunited for the first time since her birth.

Adams, a dedicated cowgirl and equine dentist, had been aware of her adoption from a young age and she’s always been open to the idea of another family. During their meeting, Lyons and Adams spent time learning about each other's lives. He reflected on his difficult decision to let his daughter be adopted years ago, a choice he made believing it was in her best interest due to his young age at the time.

The reunion was a joyful experience for both the father and daughter. Adams says she felt at home with her biological family, and Lyons left the experience wanting to contact Adams’ adoptive parents to tell them what an excellent job they did raising her. The Lyons family is excited about building a relationship with Adams and they already have plans to get together at one of her upcoming barrel races.

Source: KOCO

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