Teen gamer saves his family

Earlier this week, Columbia, South Carolina, 13-year-old Avante Weeks saved his family from a house fire because he was awake playing video games late at night. Around midnight, Avante heard popping noises coming from his neighbor’s house, but soon realized the noise was actually coming from the fire engulfing his family’s car and it was spreading to their house.

Realizing the danger, the 8th-grader immediately woke up his family, making sure everyone got out safely. Avante recalls being in such a rush that he didn’t even put on clothes or grab his phone. His mother says that they’re proud and grateful for her son’s quick thinking and bravery.

Columbia-Richland firefighters responded to the blaze and worked until 5 a.m. to get it under control. The fire destroyed the Weeks’ home and another nearby, displacing two families. But thanks to Avante’s decisive actions, fortunately, no one was injured.


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