Broken Arrow truck driver finds Wanted man!

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, truck driver Will Remington used his keen observation skills to help police bring in a wanted man, possibly saving the man’s life in the process. While on his usual local truck route, Remington noticed a camper he’d never seen before parked off the road in a wooded area, and he took note of the unusual sight.

Later that day, Remington saw the camper again, now partially covered by a tarp, which raised his suspicions. Realizing something was amiss, he flagged down NSU Broken Arrow Campus Police Officer Doug Driver, who went to investigate. He found a man near the camper who was in poor condition, sweating and without water. He soon learned the man was also wanted for domestic assault and battery.

Remington's timely action likely prevented further harm, and Officer Driver made sure the man received the first aid he desperately needed. Despite his crucial role in the incident, Remington humbly downplays his involvement, saying he’s just grateful he was in the right place at the right time. He hopes this event might also be a turning point for the man he helped bring to justice.

Source: KJRH

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