Baby Box Update: Lunchbox & His Wife Come Up With Name They Both Like

The latest update on Lunchbox and his wife's "Baby Box" brings us the current size as well as more news regarding their arguing over names. 

Last we heard, Lunchbox and his wife couldn't agree on a name. They're coming up with female and male names due to them not finding out the gender of the baby until birth. However, Lunchbox shared that his goddaughter wanted them to use her middle name. "Cameron Avery" is the first name they've both agreed upon and really liked. 

Listen below to Lunchbox share the full "Baby Box" update!

Baby Box Update - Eggplant & Name

Also in the update, Lunchbox shared that "Baby Box" is currently the size of an eggplant. He also said that in this current state, the baby's lungs are developed enough that if the baby were to be born today, it would survive outside of the womb. 

We're so excited for the upcoming "Baby Box " updates as we get closer to the birth date!