TMSG: Woman Donates Over 45K Lipsticks To Domestic Violence Shelters

Sheryl Kurland began volunteering at a domestic violence shelter in Florida back in 2015.

The volunteer work she did let her get close to many women who were going through some very traumatic situations. She told People Magazine, "I realized how raw and vacant they felt. They were beautiful on the outside, but they considered themselves just nothing and invaluable."

Kurland set out to help in other ways, she wanted to help them find their inner beauty and regain the strength they lost. A quote from her mother growing up came to mind, Kurland's mom would say, "If you want to feel better, go put on a little lipstick."

At the workshops she did, Kurland would buy a bunch of lipsticks and give them to the women at the end, thanking them for coming. She says those lipsticks would, without fail, make every person light up when they applied it.

These small moments then inspired Kurland to create "Find Your Fabulosity," where she has around 50 volunteers going door to door asking for donations. To date, the organization has donated over 45,000 lipsticks to domestic violence victims at more than 200 domestic violence shelters.

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