Bobby Answers Therapy Homework Questions With The Show

Bobby - Therapist

Bobby Bones is taking all the steps to up his chances of finding the right person to be with for the rest of his life. He often talks about his dating woes and personal problems that have created many issues for him in his past relationships.

Everyone has their own things that cause them to have difficulty when it comes to love. Bones started going to a new therapist, one who actually specializes in counseling married couples, not single individuals. But Bones wanted to try something very different and this therapist agreed to change things up for him.

At his last appointment, Bones therapist gave him some homework to take him. He had to answer a series of questions with the answers: always, often, or rarely. A lot of the questions were based on how Bobby opens up and interacts with people. Bones opened up with his listeners on The Bobby Bones Show answering the questions with his co-host Amy. Some of them he does well, others he answered he had to answer "rarely."

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