TMSG: Broadway Violinist Plays For Dogs At The ASPCA

Professional musician Martin Agee has been a volunteer at the ASCAP for over two years now. He started to volunteer as a way to reconnect with animals after grieving the loss of his beloved dog, Melody.

Agee started his volunteering with the general shelter support, but soon found himself drawn to the ASPCA Storytelling Program. This program was dedicated to helping socialize victimized dogs brought in through the ASPCA's partnership with the New York Police Department. These dogs have a wide range of socialization experience, with varying levels of medical and behavior issues.

First Agee started reading to the dogs and noticed the calming effect of the reading, but he knew he had another talent that could help. Agee is a professional violinist, playing venues like Sydney Opera House and Carnegie Hall, but he told ASPCA, "I've played all over the world, in some of the great venues [...] but all that aside, my favorite audience to play for is right here at the ASPCA.

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