Can I consider myself a farmer now?

I would hardly call it a garden...but I planted a small garden in a window planter. Since I can't have a dog, I figured I'd find something else to take care of. My dads biggest hobby is gardening and landscaping at the house where I grew maybe that's where I get it from? 

Anyways, I live in a loft in downtown Tulsa and it's very difficult to keep a pet there so I decided to plant these veggie seeds last week. I found a window planter at Home Depot and bought four packages of seeds...spinach, kale, and carrots. In under a week, my kale is already about to sprout! Mind you, I know very little about growing plants in general much less food. I'm not sure I know what I'm doing just yet...I poured the whole package of seeds in the dirt so I'm not sure if that's right...I guess we'll find out. 

Check out the small planter I have in my apartment (below), and the seeds that are already about to sprout! 

If you have any gardening tips or tricks feel free to comment them and let me know! I'll try to keep my blog updated with how it is coming along for anyone who cares!  

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