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PHOTOS: Update On Houston's "Garden"

UPDATE: So I know I'm probably the only person on the planet who cares about my pet plants. But anywho...I planted three veggie plants last week on 4/3 and it took just under a week for the first one to pop through the soil...and it was the Kale. As of yesterday 4/11 the spinach was coming through too!

I know what you're thinking...why is he so obsessed with this little window garden? 

My answer is I have no idea. For whatever reason I look forward to going home and seeing the growth of my pet plants everyday. I had no clue how fast they would grow! 

Feel free to follow me on Instagram to see more on my insta stories! 

I'd love some feedback or tips & tricks if you have any!

I put a photo gallery together of its' progress as well as a link to the original story. See below. 

Can I consider myself a farmer now?  - Thumbnail Image

Can I consider myself a farmer now?

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