PHOTOS: Update On My Window Garden

posted by @HoustonOnAir - 

So it's been about 9 days since the first sprouts came through on my window garden. Here's where we are now! Below is a photo gallery of the progress and a short 7-second timelapse video. 

The timelapse is a video of when I turned the box around the opposite way it was sitting, to see if the plants would reverse their direction towards the sun(for exactly an hour after I turned the box around). If you wanna get's called photosynthesis. Basically it when plants use sunlight to "synthesize" foods from air and water(I think). Thanks to Mrs. Raunikar (6th grade science teacher) for that one! 

If you're totally confused about all of this and why I seem to care about this little garden so much...below the video are links to previous stories.




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