Eskimo Joe's Announces They Will Not Be Changing Their Name After Survey

Eskimo Joe's will not be re-branding or changing their name. The news comes after the the restaurant conducted an online survey to see how customer's felt about their branding and name. They shared the news today via Social Media.

A message on Twitter reads:

"We received more than 30,000 heartfelt comments from our customers and the general public about our name and logo. The overwhelming majority - more than 90% - encouraged us to keep our branding of 45 years. They love Eskimo Joe and Buffy, who have always represented fun and excellent service while welcoming and respecting all people.

As a company, we pride ourselves on giving our loyal customers what they want, so we currently plan to make no changes to our our name or logo.

We want everyone who took the time to share their feedback."

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