Yukon Is Getting ANOTHER Chicken Restaurant

If you're from Yukon or happen to be a member of 'Yukon Happenings' on Facebook you're well aware of three things about Yukon.

#1) Everyone hits the rock in front of Tropical Smoothie and a week doesn't go by without someone posting a picture of someone stuck on it.

#2) Yukon has a TON of car washes .... even though Charlie's Car Wash is the only one you need (my 2 cents)

#3) There seem to be chicken restaurants opening up every month with one on almost every block it seems like

So let me be the first to inform you that Yukon is getting a NEW CHICKEN RESTAURANT!

An Oklahoma institution since 1971, Johnnie’s Charcoal Broiler is announcing the introduction of Pauline’s Southern Kitchen to the OKC metro area. Offering a traditional take on delicious, home-style fried chicken, Pauline’s will be right in the heart of Yukon.

A family-owned and operated business since 1971, the Haynes family is excited to introduce the comfort of their homemade recipes and fill a void in the metro by providing delicious, home-style fried chicken and family-style side dishes. Thinking of comfort meals of the past and a restaurant where family and friends can sit, relax, and enjoy a family-style dining experience, the idea of Pauline's Southern Kitchen was born.

When dining at Pauline's, customers can enjoy their choice of family-style fried chicken, fried fish, smoked chicken, and chicken fried steak. Each meal comes with salad and Pauline's family-style green beans, mashed potatoes, and biscuits. Patrons can also order from several other homemade sides such as baked beans, mac & cheese, corn, and fried okra. Homemade chicken salad will also be available, along with crispy lamb fries and chicken livers. To complete the meal, customers can get Pauline’s delicious buttermilk pie.

The Haynes’ family has always been a proud and active part of the Oklahoma community. Their fundraising program has given back over $250,000 to Oklahoma schools, churches, clubs, and non[1]profit organizations, and they will continue these traditions in Yukon with Pauline’s.

"My brother and I have been so honored to work alongside and serve the Oklahoma City community for the past 50 years,” says Rick Haynes. “I was just 13 years old when my dad opened the first location, and since I was a young man, I have always wanted to offer Pauline’s amazing fried chicken in a restaurant honoring mom.”

The Haynes’ brothers plan to open Pauline’s Southern kitchen in early June and will be located right off I-40 in Yukon at 1700 Shedeck Pkwy, Yukon, OK 73099.

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